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The History of Glass Shopping

The First Glassblowers The first evidence of man-made glass dates back as far as 4000 BC.  Glass was first used as a glaze to cover stone beads, and naturally occurring glass found near volcanoes -- obsidian -- was used for spears and hunting.  The first instance of glassblowing as we know it did not happen until 1500 BC, when glass was used to create hollow containers for drinking and storage.  Around 100 BC, the Romans began to add colors to glass during the glassblowing process, and the glassblowing trade became the prominent artform that we recognize it to be today....

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Cannabinoids Explained - Guest Post

We are truly living in a surprising, modern era. Who would have thought that a plant that was previously labeled as dangerous and illegal is now one of the best medicine for providing relief on a wide variety of debilitating conditions? Cannabis strains have proven that they can do so much in terms of medicinal aspects. The only concern is, how much does one need, and when does it become too much? We attempt to answer these important questions by outlining the basic facts of cannabis chemistry, and how marijuana affects the body and our brains. Cannabinoids Explained Cannabinoids that...

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How Glassheads Handles Dropshipping

We are proud to be the first sustainable dropshipping service in our space.  Today, we wanted to cover a little bit about how our state of the art fulfillment facility processes dropshipping orders for our clients.We service a number of retailers with our glass & smoking accessories fulfillment services.  As a company, Glassheads has over a decade of experience in this industry so we know exactly how to handle, package, and ship fragile products like glass.  With many of the most popular online headshops using our service, how do we handle the volume of orders?Glassheads employees in-house developers & IT personelle...

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