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Titanium Nails: A Quick & Simple Guide for Buying the Right TI Nail

One thing that some may need a little help with is choosing the right titanium nail or TI nail. There are many options out there, and this could make anyone's head spin. I want to help you find the best TI nail for your needs so that this process is not as overwhelming as it was for me. The following is a little guide to make this process simpler. The Main Options The first thing I want to touch on are the types of TI nails out there. There are two basic types you need to know about. The first...

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Bongs or Water Pipes: What Every Smoker Needs to Know

Rig Rags are extremely important so that when one is getting a nail off a rig or bong it does not allow for your hands to get dirty. It is a simple cotton that comes in different types and collections. If the nail is hot still, do not grab it. It would be extremely painful to do so. A poke n smoke can be helpful in that it helps you to be able to use any plastic bottle around to be able to create a water pipe. It is inexpensive and will assist greatly in the ease of smoking anywhere...

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How to Clean a Dirty Bong

Many of you store owners might get asked from customers the best method to clean their new glass piece.  There are numerous products on the market today available for the cleaning of your tobacco bong, but we suggest the timeless age-old advice of doing it the old fashion way. Just like you clean your dishes before the next use, a clean bong is essential for enjoyment of the substance consumed and for protection against nasty bacterial infections. Since bongs use water for cooling the smoke before inhaling, bacteria are prone to growing in and around the bong itself—using the dirty water...

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Pipe Styles and Functions

With so many different types of pipe designs and materials, it can be difficult to choose the best pipe for your tobacco or herbal needs. While some people like the extra flavor wooden and clay pipes add to their smoke, others would rather taste the burning substance in its purest form by using glass pipes. Obviously, the more complex the pipe, the more expensive it will probably be. However, you may eventually find that you prefer a certain pipe over others, whether basic or ornate. Below are listed several different glass pipe designs and the functions they provide. Chillums.  These...

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The History of Glass Shopping

The First Glassblowers The first evidence of man-made glass dates back as far as 4000 BC.  Glass was first used as a glaze to cover stone beads, and naturally occurring glass found near volcanoes -- obsidian -- was used for spears and hunting.  The first instance of glassblowing as we know it did not happen until 1500 BC, when glass was used to create hollow containers for drinking and storage.  Around 100 BC, the Romans began to add colors to glass during the glassblowing process, and the glassblowing trade became the prominent artform that we recognize it to be today....

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