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How to Handle Online Dispensary Reviews

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Although there seem to be hundreds of review websites online, how many do you think have your actual business name on them? That’s right, not a whole lot. Believe it or not, a lot of your Google profiles may be well outdated or even incorrect. Plus, when you have consumers depending on your reviews and information to correctly contact or visit your dispensary, it’s important to have accurate information for them. Be sure to follow our steps below on keeping ahead of your dispensary reviews and information online to make a better first impression while boosting your sales and revenue. 

Identify Your Profiles

Most online websites won’t even request information from you and simply pull it from the web directly. This can lead to chaos for your business since it can upload wrong information such as wrong prices or business hours. However, you can take back your profile by claiming your listing via Google My Business. 

Once claimed, you can put down the correct information about your dispensary, such as an updated business URL or new business hours. You can even lock yourself into your business listing by claiming it and setting up a business email and verification PIN sent through the mail from Google. It’s also important to get rid of past employee’s emails that may be connected to your business, which can look unprofessional. However, by identifying your business and correcting the listings, you can help improve your online overlook. 

Post Pictures Online

Now that you’ve claimed your online profiles, you can further establish your online presence. To show future clients or patients how your business looks and operates, you’re going to want to post pictures online. This gives people a better look at your dispensary and your staff that run it.

You don’t even have to have professionally taken pictures to put on your site or online profile either. Smartphone cameras look just as fine for online use and people won’t even be able to tell the difference. However, you can always find budget-friendly professional photographers that won’t break the bank. With a few simple Google searches, it’s more than easy to find a crew with a camera niche to take excellent shots of you and your bud hard at work. 

Picking the Right Menu

Picking the right menu to show customers can be the hardest part of running your dispensary. You never want to openly boast over one certain product that sells out quickly, since customers can get upset if it’s not directly available to them. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep communication open between you and your staff.
Miscommunication can cost you your business, especially if you have a staff member accidentally writing wrong prices on WeedMaps or your Google business listing. So, do you and your business a favor and keep your menu fresh and exciting for everyone to enjoy. 

Advertise Your Promotions

The majority of websites will allow you to post a status update. This is an important means of communication between you and your current and future customers. Use your status updates to spread the word about special promotions. Post about any new strain your get in or if a certain, popular Budtender is working. You can also write posts about any special sales or referral offers. These are often great ways to bring in new customers, too. This will bring you to the top of the recent activity feed on the site and to the top of people’s minds. There are tons of people who spend their days browsing the internet, looking for people (and dispensaries) to interact with. The most important thing is that you post frequently and that you are always active.

Reply to Negative Reviews

This is one of the most crucial pieces of advice that you can get. If you only choose to follow one of these tips, make sure it is this one. Respond to any negative reviews you get online. It can be difficult but try not to take anything they say personally and remain empathetic to their situation. Some reviews may require less of a response than others but do your best. 

All of the main review sites allow business owners to reply with an official response. Customers often expect a response, especially if they leave a detailed response. Keep in mind that not everybody who leaves a negative review is after free stuff. Try to keep an open mind and put yourself in their shoes. Think of these negative reviews as constructive criticism, even though they may not always come across like that. For example, if someone felt your staff was rude, have a chat with whoever was working that day. If someone didn’t like a strain that they were offered, there might be a cultivation issue at your facility. Remain professional when responding to these negative reviews and whatever you do, do not get into an internet fight with anyone.

Reply to Positive Reviews, Too

Don’t simply respond to the negative input, your satisfied customers deserve your attention too. Also, they are usually much easier (and nicer) to respond to. When you reply to your customers online, it shows that your business really values good customer service. Other customers will visit your page and, after seeing the nice interactions between your customers and your business, they will be encouraged to visit your shop and leave a good review of their own.

You should also read these reviews to learn valuable information about your company. If your employees got a shout out online, let them know. This is an easy way to boost morale around the shop. If somebody said they liked something, you know your company is heading in the right direction.

If you have any comments or questions about how to optimize and grow your online profiles, leave a comment below!

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