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Seven Best Vaporizers for Waxy Oils and Concentrates

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When it comes to vaping, the device itself can make or break a session. When choosing the best device for them, users are typically looking for decent battery life, temperature control, and an easy-to-use model. Not all vaporizers work with all types of product, so it’s important that stores stock a variety of choices to satisfy all types of customers. Below we will highlight some of the best vaporizers we carry by #ThisThingRips for oils and concentrates, along with their unique benefits.

  • R2 Series Vaporizers. The Gen 3 on the R2 Series vaporizers are great for waxy oils. The vaporizer kit comes with the pen, a pen cap, an extra dual ceramic Ti coil, a stainless-steel tool, and a hypercharge USB cable. The removable mouthpiece makes this device easy to clean, and the automatic shut-off function on the battery preserves battery life. Users will also enjoy the adjustable temperature control on the pen. The Rig Edition Kit can also be used with concentrates and includes a built in stash compartment with the tray and an adjustable airflow ring to use with the device.

  • R2 Rip N’ Go Pen. This Rip N’ Go pen is made for waxy oils and concentrates, just like the larger vaporizers in the same series, but it’s made slightly smaller for on-the-go users who may be looking for a simpler and cheaper option. It comes with a USB charger and stainless-steel mixing tool, perfect for beginners just getting into vaping. This pen features a single Ti coil in a ceramic chamber, instead of the dual coil like the bigger versions, and doesn’t include adjustable temperature options. Nonetheless, it’s an easy device for newcomers to get used to vaping with at an affordable price.

  • R Series Roil Vaporizer. This vaporizer is designed for thin and waxy oils and is constructed out of medical grade non-stick silicone parts. One of the unique features of this vaporizer is that it uses conduction style coil-less technology to deliver the vapor. The Roil kit includes an extra coil-less ceramic atomizer, a storage jar, a pen cap, extra cleaning wipes, and a stainless-steel tool to help make sessions easy.

  • STOK Edition One Vaporizer Pen. Users tend to gravitate toward this pen because of its unique white appearance. What sells them on the pen though is its dual ceramic Ti coils and adjustable temperature control. This STOK Edition One vaporizer includes a smart battery that remembers the last setting you used, and the mouthpiece on this device is slightly wider for larger pulls of denser vapor at a time. This pen is meant to be used with concentrates, and the kit includes a dabbing tool, three product jars, an extra dual coil atomizer, and a USB charging cable to create the perfect experience.

  • OG Four 2.0 Vaporizer. For users looking for a rig-like experience in a portable device, this is the vaporizer for them. The OG Four 2.0 vaporizer uses a quartz deep dish with Ti coils wrapped around quartz rods to create a more classic feel. This vaporizer allows for adjustable airflow but has a pre-set low-temp coil. Still, the smart battery and the built-in silicone jar for storing product offer a few more options that concentrate vapers will love.

  • OG Four 2.0 Rip N’ Go Pen. Just like the R2 Rip N’ Go pen, the OG Four 2.0 Rin N’ Go pen is great for on-the-go users and beginners just getting into vaping. The difference between these two devices lies within. The R2 series pen uses a ceramic chamber and a single Ti coil. The OG version utilizes the “Lava Quartz” design described above with its quartz chamber. Users looking to preserve the flavor of their concentrates may prefer this Rip N’ Go pen over the other, even at a slightly more expensive price.

  • OG Series Rig Edition Vaporizer Kit. The OG Series Rig Edition vaporizer itself is much like the original OG Four 2.0 vaporizer, just larger. This device is made for both waxy oils and concentrates, so users have a few options with this pen. The mouthpiece also allows for adjustable and maximum airflow for even more option settings. Just like the original design, this vaporizer includes a built-in stash jar and a smart battery that will remember the last setting a user set it to. The kit includes extra dual Lava Quartz Ti coil atomizers, a hypercharge cable, a stainless-steel tool, cleansing wipes, and a silicone tray with an additional stash compartment.

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