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Fire and Water: An Introduction to Bubblers

Introduction to Bubblers Ah, the bubbler. Perhaps the most regal of all the glassware available to the modern smoker. Bubblers are a refined and elegant tool, and unlike a bland cigarette, they add a whimsical and fun element to any smoke session. Maybe you have never smoked before or maybe you’ve smoked out of every kind of piece imaginable. Either way, a bubbler is an invaluable piece of equipment to have on hand. The ease of use makes bubblers perfect for either personal or social group smokes. The bubbler combines the mobility of a pipe with the herbal enhancing powers...

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How to Properly Use Ash Catchers

Whether you are new to the smoking world or are just looking for a cool way to get a better hit, an ash catcher is a must-have accessory. Ash catchers are not typically included with water pipes but are considered to be a great supplement that can make your smoking experience even more satisfying. Before we teach you how to properly use them, let's define what ash catchers actually are. What Are Ash Catchers?  Ash catchers are accessories for water pipes that can be easily attached and removed. Their main purpose is to ensure a clean hit by catching any...

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Benefits and Risks to Using THC and CBD Oil

As more states legalize not only medical marijuana but recreational as well, it will become even more important that patrons know the benefits and risks involved with using cannabis and cannabis extract. The majority of dispensaries offer a variety of product for ingesting medical and/or recreational marijuana to fit any taste or preference. While there are very little to no fundamental differences between medical and recreational marijuana, only patients with a prescription may purchase medically branded marijuana, which often includes lower doses of THC and fewer taxes on the amount prescribed. While many are aware of the psychoactive components of...

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How Glassheads Handles Dropshipping

We are proud to be the first sustainable dropshipping service in our space.  Today, we wanted to cover a little bit about how our state of the art fulfillment facility processes dropshipping orders for our clients.We service a number of retailers with our glass & smoking accessories fulfillment services.  As a company, Glassheads has over a decade of experience in this industry so we know exactly how to handle, package, and ship fragile products like glass.  With many of the most popular online headshops using our service, how do we handle the volume of orders?Glassheads employees in-house developers & IT personelle...

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Cannabinoids Explained - Guest Post

We are truly living in a surprising, modern era. Who would have thought that a plant that was previously labeled as dangerous and illegal is now one of the best medicine for providing relief on a wide variety of debilitating conditions? Cannabis strains have proven that they can do so much in terms of medicinal aspects. The only concern is, how much does one need, and when does it become too much? We attempt to answer these important questions by outlining the basic facts of cannabis chemistry, and how marijuana affects the body and our brains. Cannabinoids Explained Cannabinoids that...

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PYPING HOT: Pyptek Hand Pipes

Happy August, Glassheads! While Leos may be unstable, the durable smokeware crafted by our new partner Pyptek certainly isn’t. We are so excited to be distributing PYPTEK’S line of high-end glass and metal pipes, manufactured start to finish right here in the USA. Stylish, durable, and clean, these pipes (or in this case, PYPs) are perfect for any and every high-octane adventure. Born out of the minds of three guys at an aluminum safety equipment plant, PYPTEK prides themselves on...

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Make Like a Tree and Leafly

  It's Father's Day! We hope your father is as proud of you as we are of our custom glass pieces we created for Leafly, the largest cannabis website on the net. With over 13 million monthly visitors and some 40 million pageviews, Leafly is the premiere online destination for cannabis products - as well as an encyclopedia of strains and dispensaries. We custom created two water pipes for Leafly: A straight tube and a beaker base, 12” top quality...

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Heads up Headshops: 420 is Right Around the Corner

  Happy Daylight Savings, glassheads! With an hour stolen from your busy schedule, it can be overwhelming getting back into the normal routine of things at work. Buyers and owners be aware though, the stoner holiday is coming up quick and the last thing anyone wants is for your headshop to be out of those best sellers and grabables. As of the last 4/20, 55 million adults in the United States described themselves as regular smokers, with more and more...

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